Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Need Mike With Me Here

So last night, I flipped the fuck out. Did it maybe have something to do with a Fear? Why yes of course it fucking did.

So, I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling some clammy hand over my mouth. It takes me a few seconds for my eyes to focus in, but I saw this naked human form with long claws, the Rake. Said claws were rested right over my face, carefully placed over my eyes, ready to slash. But he didn't. He just whispered to me. Saying I would be alone. Saying I would die cold and lonely and unloved unless I changed.

So one thing you should never do in front of a Fear is flip the fuck out. Especially not when he has claws over your face. But I did, I started screaming when I suddenly realized what was going on, and started scrambling and squirming around. One claw did slash at my face a bit, but as soon as Mike woke up, the Rake disappeared. Mike told me to calm down, and I did. God I would probably be dead without Mike.

Which brings me to more about Mike.

So, today, as Mike and I were wandering about, Mike suddenly was ecstatic. Mike started shouting about how we'd be free, and we could get help, but I didn't understand. I just saw more trees. When I told Mike this, Mike didn't understand, and Mike looked really worried. Mike tried to convince me that it was an open hill, that probably led to civilization, but I just saw trees. I asked Mike to please stay, and after looking kind of scared, Mike said that Mike would stay with me until I could see a way out. And thank God. I need you Mike.

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