Friday, October 14, 2011


May or may not be setting in. So, I've got a few stories to tell you all.

First off, it had rained the past few days, so a little stream that Mike and I had passed by before was now filled with water. Mike was thrilled to see this, but I was hesitant. When Mike was about to take a sip of  the water, I began to hear a sort of hissing and bubbling that wasn't there before. So I rushed to Mike, and tackled Mike out of the way, trying to stop Mike from drinking the water, which I had a feeling might be the Epping Aqua Tarkus as some call it. I think others call it Ichor, but whatever. So, Mike was really angry, and thought I was ridiculous. Despite me shouting at Mike not to, Mike struggled away from me and Mike drank from the stream. Turned out, Mike was fine. So there's that.

Second, Mike and I saw a flock of birds. I told Mike that we'd have to go, but Mike just didn't listen, so when Mike was able to get a drop on one, Mike wrung it's neck, like the badass Mike is. Once again, I was relieved Mike was okay.

Mike's asking me why I keep blogging this stuff. I'm telling Mike that it's to keep sane and in some form of contact with other people. But then I remembered I have Mike now, so I guess I don't really need that. In fact, I don't know if I'd be able to hold it together if I lost Mike. Doesn't mean I'll stop blogging though. I wouldn't want to leave you guys hanging on how Mike and I turn out.

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